Wiking Graf Printing House uses the most modern printing presses equipped with a wide range of tooling. We are able to print on a high variety of substrates like self-adhesive paper, PE and PP films (white, silver or clear), sandwich-type paper as well as print on the adhesive side of web.
We are capable of producing small volume orders as well as the large ones. For short runs we use digital press and laser cutting. Additionally, we offer a variety of finishing technologies like cold stamping, hot stamping, relief print, embossing, hologram security, personalization and label numbering.
We have proper tooling for Braille printing performed on labels including peel-off and booklets. Upon clients request the quality of our Braille is verified and certified by Polish Association of the Blind.
We assure quality control of our products via in-process control and final control using EYE-C system and AVT and E+L video inspection assembled on the label converting line.

Peel & Read

Peel-off is a multi-layer label which gives many benefits compared to standard self-adhesive labels. First of all it allows to multiply printing area to the limit of 8 layers. What is more, it also improves readability and allows detailing the product features more precisely. Our clients frequently use peel-off technology in order to print information in several language versions.
There are plenty of possibilities of combining different substrates in one label including self-adhesive paper, PE and PP films (white, silver or clear). Additionally we offer finishing options like hot and cold stamping, relief print, Braille or hologram security. Peel Off


Booklet is a combination of self-adhesive label and a leaflet in a form of an "insert". Such solution allows to fit up to 48 pages of text to the limited area. Furthermore, booklet can be used not only as an extended version of the informative leaflet label but also as an advertisement of a company.
As in the case of the peel-off labels, booklet can be enhanced with hot and cold stamping, relief print, Braille, or be secured with a hologram.Booklet


Wiking Graf Printing House specializes in production of leaflets for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
We print on thin papers ranging from 40 g/m2 to 50 g/m2 grammature.
Our folding machines are designed to perform a wide variety of complex folding styles with the smallest fold of 15mm width.
Leaflets can be banded, wrapped with shrink film, pressed and packaged on request.Ulotka